Chatting with Tony Mills

Today we got Tony Mills to join us in the Atrium of Stirling University to promote his performances Such A Bloke / Watch IT! The Stirling Observer photographer came along too and got some nice snaps for the paper…

We decided we should grab some innocent students and get them in on the photograph, so we found this lot and got what we were after. Twas a fun day had by all!

Such a Bloke is a brand new solo is choreographed by award winning Edinburgh based Australian Choreographer Janis Claxton.  A dance theatre piece influenced by a personal viewpoint on the pros and cons of being a bloke involved in the dance industry, Such a Bloke, is a mixture of Claxton’s fluid style, met with the robustness of Mill’s’ hip hop background. Such a Bloke is an emotionally driven piece but with a dynamic and meaty edge.

A hit during the Fringe in 2009 and fusing dance, theatre, film and animation, Watch IT! takes a close look at relationship we form with our television. Covering the banal to the surreal, it touches on aspects of how TV affects us and the situations where it can take on more than an intimate form.

Why not come along and see Tony in action!

Sat 2 October 8pm

Tickets £12 /£9 conc / £6 U18’s / £3 students

Book online, call us on 01786 466666 or pop in and see us

See ya then! 🙂


Double Bill of magic…

Room 2 Manoeuvre come to macrobert with a double bill of absolute magic dance solos from Tony Mills.

Watch It! fuses breakdance, physical theatre, film and animation all into the first 45 minute dance odyssey. This digital ‘Alice in Wonderland’ centres around one man’s love / hate relationship with his TV, taking you on a ride to make you think about your own little box in the corner, a hit at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe and was described as ‘essential viewing, seemless and slick’ from The Skinny.

Promo video for Watch It!

This double bill then flips from the colourful sensation of Watch iT! to the sleek, semi autobiographical performance, Such a Bloke. Created by award winning choreographer Janis Claxton, the second part of the double bill offers an emotionally driven contrast of frustration and futility from personal insight. Influenced by a personal viewpoint on the pros and cons of being a bloke involved in the dance industry, a fantastic mix of Claxton’s fluid style and the robustness of Mill’s hip hop background.

Promo video for Such A Bloke

The List managed to get a hold of Tony Mills and asked him 5 Questions, read it here to see the thinking behind this rather interesting double bill.

Saturday 2 October 8pm
Tickets £12 / £9 conc / £6 students
To book your tickets call our Tickets and Info team on 01786 466666, pop in to see us or book online here.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

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