‘Och aye the noo…’

I’ve got a confession to make. I have NEVER been to a Singing Kettle performance and I doubt I have even seen one on the telly (they were the days of video tape cassettes in my time). However, just because I was deprived when I was a child by my mum and dad does not mean I am not excited for this weekend!

This bank holiday weekend the Singing Kettle presents Calamity Castle! They are performing in the macrobert mainhouse over 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May at 1pm and 3.30pm on all three days.

Scotland’s favourite child entertainers are dressed to impress after being invited by the Laird of Kettle to help get the castle ready for its Grand Annual Ceilidh. Our four tartan heroes (Cilla, Artie, Gary and Kevin) are easily distracted and along the way there are many mishaps and crazy adventures with lots of laughter! There is too much work to be done before the evening and can it all be finished in time? Yes it can! But only with the assistance of young helpers from the audience who have a chance to join in with the action on stage! There’s lots of fantastic new songs like Come to the Ceilidh, Wild and Free and Did you ever see Lassie, as well as all time favourite songs like Shove your Granny and Buy Me a Banana. So there will be plenty of superb sing-a-long opportunities for all the family.

Tickets are priced £10 for adults and children, or you can purchase a family ticket for £36. The run time for the show is 40 minutes for the first half, with a 20 minute interval and then 40 minutes the second half.

Remember to dress up in tartan if you are attending! This applies to the adults too – not just the children! You’ll feel right at home when taking part in those crazy Highland games at Calamity Castle! Keep your eyes peeled when you come to the macrobert as you might just see some of the staff dressed up for the occasion too!


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Hello again!
So week 4…very busy with meetings. Sat in on the staff briefing on the scheduled programmes coming up for the next few months, lots and lots of exiting stuff. Including Showstoppers, Singing Kettle and The Nearly Naked Chief! I did however perform rather badly in the post meeting quiz coming second bottom! Then it was onto a meeting with the Mpower marketers and Material who handle the marketing for, among other things, T in the Park.
Really interesting finding out all the marketing techniques they use and all the amazing project they are involved in. Very envious of all the amazing music and art exhibits they get to be involved in, plus they gave us free badges which is always a bonus. To round up I’d like to dedicate this blog to my flatmate Lauren who is at this moment enjoying being in Spain for four months and we miss her little face.

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