Not long now till Promises Promises…

Promises Promises is almost upon us (Friday 19th Feb 8pm), and we are very excited. This friday night Random Accomplice bring us Douglas Maxwell’s new monologue and if the reviews are anything to go by, then it’s going to be fantastic.

Here is an exert from an interview with Douglas Maxwell in The List:

“The narrator of Maxwell’s play is an older woman, a Scot living in London. Her surname, Brodie, acts as a curse, given her profession. ‘She’s a retired, disgraced teacher who’s been brought in to cover a teacher on sick leave at her school,’ explains Maxwell. ‘It’s based on a true story, which a teacher friend of mine in London told me. One of her students was a Somalian girl who was an elective mute – that is, there was no physiological reason that she couldn’t speak, but she didn’t. The school brought in community leaders to exorcise her, because they believed she had a devil inside her. So they came and did their ceremonies in the classroom in front of this six-year-old girl.

‘I asked my friend to tell me that story time and again, and I knew I wanted to write about it from a long time back.’

The tale, from which Maxwell has created a fictional central character and story, is worth the telling. ‘To be honest, my first response was, “What the (bleep) was the school doing, allowing that situation to arise in a school?” But I guess they had their reasons,’ Maxwell says. ‘That said, I’m not really interested in a straight down the line piece of fact, I like story, I like fiction, so this character, the teacher, her personal story had to overtake the story of the girl being exorcised.’”

For the full article click here.

The floating head likes the quiet


Promises Promises

On Febuary 19th Random Accomplice (Johnny McKnight’s production company) bring us Promises Promises, a gripping new thriller which combines a specially composed soundtrack and integrated projection to create an unforgetable theatrical event.

Promises Promises tells the story of  retired teacher Maggie Brodie  who is called in for some supply cover. A patronising, idiotic young headmaster is a tolerable indignity.  But her frustrations increase when a mute Somalian child in her class, whom Maggie is inexplicably drawn to, is believed by her family and community to be possessed.

Watch this teaser trailer which is not only a fantastic animation, but also gives an insight into the themes of the play.

Look what the journalists are saying:

It takes a considerable performance and a very good script for a single actor to hold the stage on their own for fully 90 minutes. But… Joanna Tope, as Miss Brodie, does exactly that. Johnny McKnight gets the dramatic arc just right.” Robert Dawson Scott, The Times ****

“With this great new monologue … (Douglas) Maxwell has made his breakthrough, producing a 90 minute text of such sustained brilliance … that it sometimes threatens to take the breath away.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman *****

So don’t just take my word for it!

Promises Promises is at macroebrt February 19th 8pm, book your tickets now on 01786 466 666 or book online . Leave a comment to let us know if you are thinking about coming!

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