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Fairy Kylie

Fairy Kylie

Hiya Ratbags
Its that time already. Can you believe it? Only one week to go before all my adoring public start paying to see little young me – Fairy Kylie – acting. I’m mega-super-excited. I think I might be as good an actress as that girl out of the Actimel advert who pretends those stinking yoghurt drinks are delicious (finger crossed!!!)
Tomorrow we start what’s known in the Show of Business as the Technical Rehearsal. Seemingly they can be, like, really really boring and take ages cos people have to set the lights on us. Hello buy a 100 watt bulb! Or give all those actors a torch. I’m not worried a jot about it… see I have my own natural luminal…lumina… glow. My sparkle will shine on that stage, just like my cousins Jedward do every week on X-Factor (of course they’re my cousins, only magical powers would be keeping them in the competition – duh!).
Have you got your tickets booked yet ratties? Naw… then get to it… else I’ll jump out this blogosphere and give you a doing. Comprende? (That’s foreign for understand, see I’m dead kulchured!)

Better go, I need to shave… erm I mean… exfoliate!

Tatty bye

FK (Fairy Kylie!)




Fairy Kylie’s panto update day 2

Fairy Kylie

Fairy Kylie

Hiya Ratbags

Its your gossip girl Fairy Kylie on the blog. The pantosphere is as crazy as Kerry Katona right noo. See, everyone is in a right tizzy because my life-story (spookily titled Sleeping Beauty) will be presun… presentil.. erm… put on in under two weeks! Can you believe it? I cannae. Anyways, we have a fabbytastic lot of thes- beans who have done lots of amazing things. They’ve learnt lines before and managed it! I’ve just decided to write all the words on my shoes incase I forget them. We’ve all these other folk that are making us learn songs. Obviously my true talents shone when I opened my mouth to let rip. Its like Fairies Aloud are always telling me… you should be in a West End show. Well they say I should be the choir in Cats. Although they get their words confused and say cats choir. Bunch of numpties! Anyways I’m off noo for a large cappatino and breakfast kebab. Its what every actor should be eating.

Fairy Kylie’s news from the Pantosphere

Fairy Kylie (crabbit)

Fairy Kylie looking gorgeous as per usual

Hiya Ratbags

Do you know, things are right weird in the pantosphere.  See I’m working on my life story as a amazing  show this Christmas and only yesterday do I get told that its called Sleeping Beauty.  Sleeping Beauty!!!!  Obviously I am raging.  I mean – HELLO – I love Beauty and all that, but she’s sleeping for half the show.  I suggested the title The Gorgeous Fairy or Christmas With Kylie but, oh no, it seems people are more interested in Beauty.  I know how Lucie must have felt on this weeks X-Factor.
The acting is really difficult.  I have to say all these big words like bog off or minging, carry my magic wand  and try and not bump into the furniture.  Phew!  Okay, girlie confession, I do keep bumping into King Pecsinold and Prince Charming but thats deliberate cos I know they both fancy me to bits.  Anyways, today we’ve to act the bit where something bad happens in the show.  I don’t want to ruin it fur you all by telling you what happens but basically Beauty’s getting an evil spell cast on her to try and kill her.  I mean what a day it’ll be.  I’ve already lost my artificial nail in my King Rib supper, I cant find a sniff of Hairspray in the entire pantosphere and now I’ll have to save the day!  Its tough being this amazing….  I’m off to Semi-Chem, then I’ll try and find a magic spell to make things better….
Ta ta for now

Gordon’s Christmas Update

Our 2 young companies – the Kylies and the Jasons (don’t ask about the names – all will be revealed if you come to see Sleeping Beauty) – are hard at work rehearsing for this year’s panto. Scenes are being staged, songs are being learnt and muscles are being stretched as they learn all the terrific dance routines which Karen, our choreographer, has created. This year’s panto looks set to be the biggest and most exciting yet and the 30 young people who’ll take to the stage in November and December are proving a very talented bunch – there’s a lot to do but they’re up for the challenge. Oh, and if you have a love for the back catalogue of Kylie Minogue, I can promise you that you’re in for a musical treat this Christmas!

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