Cracking reviews for macrobert’s panto

Jackie and the Beanstalk is up and running and well it’s just pure magic! Receiving 4 star reviews from both The Herald and The Guardian there really is no excuse not to come along…

a panto with its finger on today’s pulse” Mary Brennan, The Herald, read full review here

If anyone still thinks panto is a throwback to a misogynist past, they need to take a look at the macrobert’s glorious giant-slaying romp” Mark Fisher, The Guardian, read full review here

an entertaining, intelligent celebration and deconstruction of the traditional Scottish pantomime.” The Stage, read full review here

a lively, rollicking show, with plenty of fine panto qualitiesThe Scotsman

Writer, director and star of this year’s panto, Johnny McKnight tells Stirling Observer;

“Well for me, when setting about writing this year’s panto, my first issue was that, traditionally, Jack and the Beanstalk is usually very male-heavy in terms of casting: Dame, Jack, his brother, the baddie, the baddie’s sidekick,”

“I really wanted to try and push more females into the story.” Read more of the interview here.

Make sure you get your tickets and see this hilarious, magical, raunchy and festive pantomime and fill your family full of festive happiness 🙂

Jackie and the Beanstalk runs until 7th January 2012


It will be Fe Fi Fo – Fun this Christmas

We are delighted to announce that this year’s family pantomime will be Jackie and the Beanstalk which is also written, directed and starring everyone’s favourite panto dame Johnny McKnight!

This year Stirling Stella is at crisis point – Fairy Mary Christmas has been kidnapped by the evil Giant Sleigh-Stacks robbing the entire pantosphere of their Christmas Spirit. Only one band of merry revelers from Skinto-Row can save them – Dave Dot Von Trott and her two daughters, the beautiful (but rather dim) Jilly and everyone’s favourite tom-boy, Jackie. However the double-dipper recession means that none of them can afford the airfare to get to the Giants Castle to save the day. Will they be forced to sell their beloved cow Daisy Moo-Moo to soar skyward? Will Dame Dot ever pay her rent money in time to the dashing Count Monty Bisto? Will Jackie ever find her one true love? Will the spirit of Christmas ever return to the pantosphere?

Our recently appointed Artistic Director, Liam Sinclair is really looking forward to his first commissioned pantomime. ”The whole team at macrobert is very proud of our fantastic pantomime and the great talent of our young performers. Our production leads the way in Scotland in the involvement of so many young people and this year we will have over 30 people in the young cast, drawn from our macrobert youth groups and from right across Central Scotland. It is genuinely heart-warming to see all generations in the audience having fun together and I am looking forward to working with Johnny McKnight and his fantastic team on what will be another superb production.”

With this in mind, if you or anyone you know aged between 10 and 17 who enjoys singing, dancing and acting want to get involved in our young cast then get in touch and register for an audition!  To register for an audition please email Amy McCallum with name, date of birth, address and telephone number by Friday 22 April. Full details for the audition will be confirmed in advance. Spaces are limited, so booking in as early as possible is recommended.

And so the countdown begins….

3 weeks and 1 day until macrobert’s wacky panto and 52 days until Christmas day, apologies if this makes you feel sick or brings you back to reality but it has to be done  ….
Aladdin, macrobert’s panto 2004
Have a look through our Flickr channel and travel back in time by looking at our past pantomimes from as far back as 2004, the good auld days eh!? You can see how our panto’s have been evolving and will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect this year…. much hilarity, silliness, magic and wacky costumes!

Cinderella, macrobert panto 2007

So as the countdown begins, get yourself into the festive spirit, enjoy our archive of panto photos, keep an eye out for our Christmas menu, get your tickets booked and your best outfit out and ready and the mulled wine a simmering.



Snow White of the Seven De’Wharff’s is a magical yet wacky infusion of the classic story of Snow White AND The Sound of Music, so as you can imagine there is much fun to be had this year! Many performances have sold out so get your tickets now online, call us on 01786 466666 or pop in and see us 🙂

Merry Christmas and all that!


Promises Promises

On Febuary 19th Random Accomplice (Johnny McKnight’s production company) bring us Promises Promises, a gripping new thriller which combines a specially composed soundtrack and integrated projection to create an unforgetable theatrical event.

Promises Promises tells the story of  retired teacher Maggie Brodie  who is called in for some supply cover. A patronising, idiotic young headmaster is a tolerable indignity.  But her frustrations increase when a mute Somalian child in her class, whom Maggie is inexplicably drawn to, is believed by her family and community to be possessed.

Watch this teaser trailer which is not only a fantastic animation, but also gives an insight into the themes of the play.

Look what the journalists are saying:

It takes a considerable performance and a very good script for a single actor to hold the stage on their own for fully 90 minutes. But… Joanna Tope, as Miss Brodie, does exactly that. Johnny McKnight gets the dramatic arc just right.” Robert Dawson Scott, The Times ****

“With this great new monologue … (Douglas) Maxwell has made his breakthrough, producing a 90 minute text of such sustained brilliance … that it sometimes threatens to take the breath away.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman *****

So don’t just take my word for it!

Promises Promises is at macroebrt February 19th 8pm, book your tickets now on 01786 466 666 or book online . Leave a comment to let us know if you are thinking about coming!

More news from the Pantosphere

Fairy Kylie

Fairy Kylie

Hiya Ratbags
Its that time already. Can you believe it? Only one week to go before all my adoring public start paying to see little young me – Fairy Kylie – acting. I’m mega-super-excited. I think I might be as good an actress as that girl out of the Actimel advert who pretends those stinking yoghurt drinks are delicious (finger crossed!!!)
Tomorrow we start what’s known in the Show of Business as the Technical Rehearsal. Seemingly they can be, like, really really boring and take ages cos people have to set the lights on us. Hello buy a 100 watt bulb! Or give all those actors a torch. I’m not worried a jot about it… see I have my own natural luminal…lumina… glow. My sparkle will shine on that stage, just like my cousins Jedward do every week on X-Factor (of course they’re my cousins, only magical powers would be keeping them in the competition – duh!).
Have you got your tickets booked yet ratties? Naw… then get to it… else I’ll jump out this blogosphere and give you a doing. Comprende? (That’s foreign for understand, see I’m dead kulchured!)

Better go, I need to shave… erm I mean… exfoliate!

Tatty bye

FK (Fairy Kylie!)



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