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Hello again!
So week 4…very busy with meetings. Sat in on the staff briefing on the scheduled programmes coming up for the next few months, lots and lots of exiting stuff. Including Showstoppers, Singing Kettle and The Nearly Naked Chief! I did however perform rather badly in the post meeting quiz coming second bottom! Then it was onto a meeting with the Mpower marketers and Material who handle the marketing for, among other things, T in the Park.
Really interesting finding out all the marketing techniques they use and all the amazing project they are involved in. Very envious of all the amazing music and art exhibits they get to be involved in, plus they gave us free badges which is always a bonus. To round up I’d like to dedicate this blog to my flatmate Lauren who is at this moment enjoying being in Spain for four months and we miss her little face.


Week 2 at macrobert

Hello again!

Week 2 of the internship and I’ve got stuck into some office bits and pieces. Mostly labelling boxes and updating the contact sheet but I am now firm friends with the switchboard lady after my many misdialling and inability to connect to an outside line. Before heading out I’m gonna slip into the Mpower meeting to see how its all going and pick up some free tickets for tonight’s dance performance (Bonachela Dance Company), so all in all not a bad afternoon!


macrobert Intern Eilidh’s blog – week 1


I’m Eilidh, I’ve just started a part time internship here at Macrobert and just getting to grips with the many new faces and torrents of info about the inner workings of all the events here especially the Mpower project. So far I’ve had the tour and seen backstage including behind the scenes area of the Main House where I got to see a giant alphabet block and a 12 foot clock (not bad for the first half hour!). I’ve also been told about many and varying projects on at the moment only a fraction of which I can actually remember right now along with perhaps three out of fifteen people I’ve been introduced to. As far as I can see my role here over the next few weeks will be helping on the Mpower project (more of this in a sec), the Film House short film preview project and general dogsbody around the office. I am especially exited about the Mpower project as it sets out to empower (oh wow I just got that!) kids from 12 to 17 in the field of the arts including film, theatre, dance, and performing arts. This project is run by, organised and for these kids and looks like an amazing project to be involved in. Also the fact that as a member of the Macrobert I now get free tickets to certain events is quite nice as well! Anyhoo hopefully the next couple of entries will find me able to find my way around without getting lost too much while also remembering what it is I’m supposed to be doing at any given moment.. TTFN!

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