More details about our Scottish elections day…

As promised, more information on all the going-ons we have happening in and around macrobert on Thursday 5 May 2011 for the Scottish elections, along with all of the below we will be screening the latest news on our plasma TV’s, a live Twitter feed, our own news room and even a mock polling booth where you can display your macrobert ballot sheet with your answer to the question “If I were First Minister I would…”

Our filmhouse will be screening some amazing films through out the day:

The Ghost (15) 10.00am

Frost/Nixon (15) 1.30pm

Good Night, and Good Luck. (PG) 5.15pm

The Queen (12A) 8.15pm

In the loop (15) 11.00pm

All our feature length films in the filmhouse will be introduced with short films created by young people responding to the theme “If I were First Minister I would…”

Our mainhouse will be hosting two fabtastic performances:

macrobert Young Company
The citizenship class at Wootton Bassett School and the supply teacher have gone a bit nuts, doing a runner and locking the pupils in. That’s bad enough, but tensions are higher today than normal; a day when only yards from their confinement a repatriation of fallen British soldiers is happening along the high street – as it has over a hundred times before through this quiet Wiltshire town. But this one is more personal than most.

Thu 5 May 10.00pm (free but ticketed event) Call us on 01786 466666


‘emotionally stunning…’ (Hairline)
ThickSkin brings this story to life with a mix of striking physicality and stunning video design and a five-strong cast of young Glaswegians. Have a look at the production shots on our flickr channel.

Thu 5 May 5pm & 9pm Fri 6 May 8pm
Tickets £12 / £9 conc / £6 U18’s and students
More info and online booking here


Not only do we have all of this happening but we will be having a flash mob around 10pm and YOU can get involved, just watch this trailer below, learn the moves and join us! Check out to book for any of the above and follow us on Twitter for the latest news.


Glasgow Film Festival

I am writing this blog having just arrived at work (12pm). The reason I am so late for work today is because I was out late at the Glasgow Film Festival opening Gala…and what a night I had!

The evening started with a horrific journey through to Glasgow. I was trundling along from Stirling, spirits high in anticipation of the wonders the night had in store for me. However, half way through my journey (around Cumbernauld) I hit traffic. The worst traffic I have ever seen. A winding river of red lights lay before me curtailing me to 20 mph. Not ideal when you are rushing to a party.

However, I did not let this get me down, and eventually I arrived at the Glasgow Film Festival (A little sweaty from running the ten minutes form the car park).

I got my ticket and made my way to my seat, where there was a bag with some magazines and gratuities (free stuff!). There was also a lovely little cupcake that was decorated to look like a box of popcorn. The person in front of me never turned up so I ate their’s too! About 10 people to my left was Sean Biggerstaff and 5 rows in front was Peter Mulan. Brushing shoulders with the stars eh?

The film was briefly introduced by Jean Pierre Jeunet (A hero of mine), and the cinema went silent for the visual feast that was about to unfold.

Micmacs did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the film. It made me laugh with the slapstick, almost cartoon like comedy, but it also had a serious edge to the story that was dealt with so brilliantly that afforded the film a sense of being more than just a comedy.

For me Jeunet is a genius. After the film there was a Q & A, in which Jeunet really excelled himself. He came across as passionate, enthusiastic, intelligent and Funny. The way he spoke about his films and film in general was inspiring and compounded my desire to become a film maker (I told you it was a good night).

After Jeunet had said his piece, the free bar was declared open and the dance floor cleared. Sounds wonderful except, if you remember, I was designated driver. This did not get me down and I was drunk on life, so happy with the film I had just watched (my euphoria may have been down to drinking three cans of red bull, but for the purposes of this blog, I will say it’s the film).

The night was drawing to a close but there was still time for a Foot long sweet-onion-chicken sandwich from Subway (other sandwich shops are available).

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