Funny Bones Part 2 – Show Review!

The company forgot to bring their waterproofs...

We are all big kids here really at the macrobert. So when I got the opportunity to go watch Funny Bones, I hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance, all the way into the workhouse for this afternoon’s performance.

 The company asked us sit around the workhouse (don’t worry they provide chairs) and to start off the audience were made to stimulate a sheet in the air, enabling the dancers to move under it, through it and over it. Blue waves were created as the dancers’ incorporated the moving sheet into their routine.

 The show is split into two sections. The first part of the performance was definitely my favourite. I loved their use of props and felt they really acted out the five human senses through dance. Look out for the plastic spoon dress that even Lady Gaga would be proud off! I felt my self being mesmerized by the movement of the spoons against the dancer’s bodies and of course the kids loved the jingly jangly noises. The water scene was also fantastic, with the dancers not afraid to stomp about, splash about and get theirselves soaking! BEWARE! You will probably get a bit wet, but it’s all in good spirits and the kids loved it. Or was it the adults screaming? I did see a few checking their hair afterwards.

 There is a short break while the company get ready for the second half of the performance. However, you are not left sitting about as entertainment comes in the form of a gigantic red comedy fish. He’s a cheeky, chappy who loves the audience and loves to keep you entertained.

The second half is based around sports and dance. The dancers manage to mimic the actions of different sports and they all become quite competitive as they try to be the best. Again it is another well crafted choreographed piece which allows the audience to interact with their chosen sports.

The company kicked off this morning with a sold out show at 10.30am, while the afternoon performance at 1.30pm was over half full. Funny Bones has just finished for the day, but don’t worry they will be back tomorrow for more craziness! And wetness!  For more information call the box office on 01786 466666


Got enough energy for this kids?

Does your child like to dance? Or like high energy activities? Or in most cases, just like to be amused for an hour? If the answer is yes then you should check out Funny Bones coming to the macrobert on the 22nd and 23rd of June.

Funny Bones is a brand new double bill of contemporary dance, choreographed by Enrique Cabrera and Luca Silvestrini. The show entices children age 3 -7 and their families into a new world of dance and movement.

The show is made up of two pieces; Go! choreographed by Luca Silvestrini, and DanSense by Enrique Cabrera. ? Go! is an imaginative and energetic piece of dance-theatre based on the theme of sport. Entering an unusual arena, the performers move from one sporting discipline to another, facing victories and defeats, competitions and challenges.

Enrique Cabrera’s piece, DanSense, explores the five senses and offers a stimulating interactive dance experience for young audiences featuring newly commissioned music. From costumes adorned with plastic spoons, to buckets filled with water that soaks the dancers (and the audience!) this show is a beautifully creative piece that will have children intrigued from start to finish. The second half of the show

The pieces are a mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre, and dance-theatre, designed to be accessible and appropriate for children.

For more information or to book phone 01786 466666.

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