Dance Terrorism

Stan Wont Dance

I thought that title would grab your attention! Now, “Dance Terrorism” is not a description of the moves I was pulling out on the dance floor last Friday, it is actually reffering to ‘Babel’ the new show by Stan Won’t Dance.

Here is a little information about the show from the world wide web:

“Babel unites choreographic mavericks Liam Steel and Rob TannionPatrick Neate whose work spans fiction, journalism and performance poetry. with the Whitbread award-winning writer

Combining explosive movement with Patrick Neate’s dynamic street verse, Babel explores the potential of choreographed polemic and abrasive, uncompromising contemporary language to question how, despite the perceived liberties of British society, restrictive ideas of political correctness, materialism and the single agenda media have compromised true freedom of speech.

An all male cast composed of some of the UK’s finest physical theatre performers fly straight in the face of convention to ask fundamental questions about the Britain we live in today. Originally commissioned by Channel 4, Neate’s Babel explores the limitations of contemporary language and the ways in which, for all the perceived liberties of British society, our freedom of speech is compromised.”

Because of the content, the show is for Ages 16+. This is still an mPOWER show, so if you are 16 or 17 you can get a ticket for £2.

For more details visit our website or give us a call on 01786 466 666

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