Fun all round this weekend

This weekend we are here to entertain the kids! We have We Dance Wee Groove today and tomorrow (Fri 22 & Sat 23 Oct) and not only that we have a beautiful Spanish show for 6+ on Saturday…

Get your tots on their toes with We Dance, Wee Groove along with some of Scotland’s  greatest choreographers, the moving images and colourful ambient lighting creates a multi-sensory experience and will help you are your kids get imaginative with dance from crawling to jumping, running, jiggling and wiggling. A massively fun day out which you should not miss!

Saturday also sees La Pelota Magica bring to life puppets but not any ordinary puppets – Spanish puppets! This super cool, magical, spell-binging show will have you and your family mesmerised. Join brother and sister Luis and Natalia in the foothills of Andes for a delightful Spanish journey. Easy to follow for non-Spanish speakers.

Clip for La Pelota Magica

So come and join us for a family fun fun fun filled weekend 🙂

For more info and to book online check out the macrobert website or you can call Tickets and Information on 01786 466666 or pop in and see us!

Over and out x


Summer at treehouse

treehouse is our lovely friendly and creative crèche which provides care for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years of age in a fun, safe and happy environment. treehouse allows children the opportunity to participate in, and develop skills, in a wide range of activities. Over the summer the crèche will be open as normal 9.15am – 1.15pm for you to book your young ones in. We also have summer art factory sessions to keep your children occupied while off school. So it doesn’t seem like quite a long summer after all! See below for events and times. All events are subject to availability, so phone the box office on 01786 466666 to book or for more information.

Week 1:

Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th July (3-6 yrs)   2.30 – 4.30 pm     2 Day Event

Plaster Of Paris modelling – Alien theme

Using balloons, plaster of Paris and acrylic paints

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th July (7 -10 yrs) 2.30 -4.30 pm      2 Day Event

Plaster of Paris modelling – Alien theme

Using balloons, assortment of junk materials, acrylic paints fabric etc

Family Friday 9th July 2pm -3pm

Mask making

Week 2

Monday 12th (3-6 yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

T shirt painting and face painting (please bring own t shirts)

Tuesday 13th (3 -6yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Wooden spoon puppets

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th (7-10 yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Make your own puppet theatre and wooden spoon puppets

Family Friday 16th July 2pm – 3pm

CD fish mobiles

Week 3

Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th 2.30 – 4.30pm (3-6 yrs)    2 Day Event

Junk modelling using an assortment of junk; add paper tissue and other materials

Wednesday 21st (7 -10 yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Clay modelling, hair braiding & nail art

Thursday 22nd (7 -10 yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Jewellery and tile painting

Family Friday 23rd July 2pm – 3 pm

Tile painting

Week 4

Monday 26th (3-6yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Face painting and cheek art

Tuesday 27th (3- 6yrs) 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Tactile sand pictures

Wednesday 28th (7 -10 yrs) 2.30 -4.30 pm

Masquerade mask making and cheek art

Thursday 29th (7 -10 yrs) 2.30 pm – 4.30

Make your own Dream Catcher

Friday 30th mPOWER event (3-6yrs) 2.30 -4.30 pm

Music, movement, drama and creative arts session – “Little Red”

With Tree house staff and Janet Robertson.

Limited places so book now to avoid those grumpy heads – 01786 466666

The Mackay clan blog!

The macrobert, (also fondly known as the macbob, so I’ve heard).

When I first heard about it I thought ‘it’s a University theatre, purely  for the benefit of the students and staff and probably run by a bunch of would be actors’ – oh! How wrong I was.

To tell you more, we’re a family of four, well five if you include the dog, but he doesn’t come to the theatre with us for obvious reasons, there’s me (Mairi), husband Kevin, Emma whose 8 and little sister Dana at 7.

We love going to the cinema and theatre, the girls are just getting to the right age to shout out ‘he’s behind you’ and ‘oh! No he didn’t’ actually Kevin and I enjoy that bit too!

Our first experience of the macrobert was when the girls were a bit younger and we were given tickets to the see the ‘Singing Kettle’. Along we went all done up in fancy dress, and immediately I was captivated. We got a friendly welcome from start to finish! Good point no. 1.

The show was fab as expected and at the interval we girls trooped to the loos (never an experience I enjoy when out and about) while Kevin got the ice-creams. Good point no. 2 the loos are spotless, odour free, plenty paper towels and soap, quite a joy to take young children too!! Oh! The ice-cream is excellent too and not sold at rip off prices like some of the bigger theatres I’ve experienced. There also doesn’t appear to be an issue about you taking in your own snacks for the wee ones, which is always appreciated. The staff simply stands at the door with a black bag for you to deposit your rubbish in, which is only fair if you’re not the type to take it home with you. Good point no. 3!

The next time we visited we tried the cinema and it’s definitely worth a visit with young ones, just the right size, no-one minds if they make a noise and again all the same fab service as before.

A few years back I was desperate to get the girls into panto so off to the macrobert we went and its brill. Johnny McKnight is a star and its laughs from start to finish, last December was our third visit and we’ll be booking again this year. The auditorium is just the right size I think for little people without being too overwhelming, and the atmosphere is superb, we make a point of going on Christmas Eve for the matinée performance but I’m sure the other shows are just as good. Now that takes me onto another point, (number 4 I think), when your out and about it can be a struggle finding somewhere family friendly to eat at a reasonable price, not a problem here! The restaurant is amazing – the food is freshly cooked; staff helpful and prices well within budget. Last year we opted for the Christmas menu and the children loved it right down to the crackers on the table!

Can I just point out that it’s a dawdle to book tickets too, I’ve always done it over the ‘phone, the staff are helpful, suggest the best seats etc and prices are reasonable for all shows as far as I can see. A family trip to the theatre in Glasgow or Edinburgh can set you back especially once you factor in food, transport, snacks etc but at the macrobert it stays well within budget.

Recently, I’ve looked into the courses they run for children over the holidays, craft type workshops but we haven’t tried them yet, similarly I haven’t ever used the crèche facility they offer but I’d be confident enough to recommend them.

All in all the macrobert is a fabulous place, so give it a try and see!!

How Cold My Toes 27th-30th Jan

How Cold My Toes is at macrobert from Wed 27th-Sat30th. Book your tickets now on 01786 466 666 £6 full/£5 children.

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