Telling Tales

East Midlands Children’s Theatre Consortium bring us Telling Tales, a playful introduction to dance for Ages 4+.

The show is made up of cheeky and playful versions of The Hare and the Tortoise and The Golden Goose, plus a dressing up game with the biggest overcoat you’ve ever seen! In the finale, Sea of Clothes, skirts and shirts take on a life of their own!

Telling tales is at macrobert on Sat 13th March at 2pm and is £6 adults/£5 children, book your tickets now .


Room on the Broom

The Witch had accidently turned her sister into a cat.

Tall Stories are at macrobert this week bringing the much-loved children’s book ‘Room on the Broom’ to life.

Room on the Broom will be a wonderful adventure for anyone aged 3+, and I do stress anyone. Every time that Tall Stories come to macrobert (The Gruffalo, Something Else) it is a fantastic experience for all.

Tall Stories are an internationally renowned for their unique form of physical story telling, and Room on the Broom continues the trend.

Room on the Broom completely sold out last year, so make sure that there is Room on auditorium for you (Do you get it? I used the title…it’s funny because ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Room in the auditorium are similar’).

Please do not take my joke as a pre-cursor to how good the show will be, I assure you it will be infinitely better.

Room on The Broom is here Tues 2nd and Wed 3rd Feb (times vary).

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