Hot Tub Time Machine

Nothing could persuade them to take a dip... fresh, clean? What's that?

I think this is the most random movie, movie title and movie idea that has ever came to macrobert. But don’t tell our Operations Manger that as she is super excited to see this film. I on the other hand cannot see the how this whole film will pan out!

Hot Tub Time Machine features a group of best friends who’ve become bored with their adult lives. The film stars John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke. So what do you do when you are bored? Why you go off to a ski resort of course and have an entertaining night drinking yourself stupid in a hot tub! However, this is no ordinary hot tub (I now sound like a M&S advert eh?) – when these group of guys wake up, heads pounding, gasping for a fry up, they find themselves in the year 1986. This is their chance to change their futures- one will find a new love life, one will learn to stand up for himself, one will find his mojo…and one will make sure he still exists.

Sorry folks I can’t say I remember what it was like in 1986 as I wasn’t even born yet! I’m a 90s girl at heart; all shell suits, crop tops and stone wash jeans.  But I’m guessing this weekend is a chance for you to don your legwarmers, perm your hair and chuck on your leather jacket while Madonna blares in the background! Come re-live your youth at the macrobert this weekend with lots of laughs as well when you come to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s an easy going film, and one which allows you to enjoy gross out comedy, buddy bonding and time travel adventures! Look out for our Operations Manager at the showings – although hopefully not dressed like Madonna, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper… you get the idea! Although please feel free to come dressed up to the macrobert! We don’t do it enough!

For more information on any of this weekend’s films please contact our super box office staff on 01786 466666.


Big Box of Bananas

On the 11th September CBeebies presenters Andy Day and comedy partner Mike James bring their much loved humour and slapstick comedy to the macrobert in Big Box of Bananas. One day a magical and mysterious box appears in Andy & Mike’s ‘fun pad’. Unable to open it, the boys take you on an exciting journey to find out what’s inside! During the show you’ll meet confused pirates, musical sea life and lots of extravagant all singing, all dancing air stewards!

This performance is a hilarious, fast-paced and multi character children’s show; perfect for children aged 4-11 and their families and friends. Not only does it feature CBeebies presenter Andy (who is so hugely popular with parents & children that he has his own fan club!), it is also directed by Iain Lauchlan; creator of the popular children’s show The Tweenies.

The idea for the show was inspired by Andy’s grandmother who when he was young gave him an old box and told him not to open it until he was 16. After years of curiosity and mystery, Andy’s 16th birthday came to reveal a lovely letter and quote which has never left him; ‘What we think we become’.

For more information or to book tickets for Big Box of Bananas contact our super box office staff on 01786 466666. Plus head into the macrobert now to check out our exciting competition! Silly Andy dropped his box when visiting us and you have the chance to win a family ticket for the show. That is if you can find how many bananas are hidden around the macrobet. So come visit us and help the staff gather them up before they get squashed!

Showing this weekend but first a goodbye…

If only this was our office!

Hello blog friends! At the macrobert we are all sitting cosy in the office as the rain is lashing down outside! Not a great start to the weekend as half of us has arrived into work looking like damp squids!

Although we do have plenty of cake in the office as Laura; our lovely marketing manger, is leaving! Not that we are pleased to see her go, we just thought we would fatten her up before she starts her new job. So the blog today is dedicated to her and all the hard work she has done over the last 8 years! Laura has made many friends and she will be sorely missed. Good luck!

A must see!

So macrobert friends for a great film to watch this weekend check out American: The Bill Hicks Story. Bill Hicks has been considered by many to be the greatest comedian of the last 20 years. Bill was considered criminally unpatriotic at home for skewering the hypocrisies of the government and media, but he broke out internationally and stunned UK audiences. Bill is said to be much more than a comedian but an inspiration to millions. On the verge of conquering the USA, he was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer. Fifteen years after his death his fascinating life story is told by those who knew him best. Made in close association with Bill’s family and friends, this movie features unprecedented access to unseen material and stunning animation techniques. The documentary film has received four stars from Love Film, Total Film, Daily Mirror, Empire and the Glasgow Evening News.

Check out some of the reviews below. For more information on the film or viewing times phone our fabulous box office staff on 01786 466666.

“An immersive, inventive delve into the life of a stand-up visionary.”

“Hysterically funny and deeply moving tribute to a true American outlaw.”
Daily Mirror

“A triumph of style and content…a fitting reminder of what Hicks accomplished in his short life, and what the brevity of that life cost the rest of us.”

“Hilarious and moving, its greatest triumph is in giving us a profound sense
of just what his death robbed us of”

Glasgow Evening News

Fringe Festival shows coming to macbob

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost half way through its run of the festival!  Eventhough we are not based in Edinburgh all of us at the macrobert have loveddiscussing our jaunts through to the capital; what were the hits, what the misses were and what fun we had at the festival.

The Fringe is a chance for many performers to kick off their shows and preview them to the world before going on tour. If you haven’t checked out our new live brochure you will see that a couple of festival acts are actually performing their Edinburgh show at the macrobert, So if you don’t have the time or money to go see some of the great performances in Edinburgh then now there is no excuse as a few will be right here on your doorstep very soon.

Ewan Donald and Harry Ward by Laurence Winram

The Not So Fatal Death of Grandpa Fredo by Vox Motus performing at the Traverse has received rave reviews so far. The Stage stamped it as a ‘Must See’, while The Scotsman gave it 4 stars. Inspired by an incredible true story, multi-award winning company Vox Motus present a pitch dark comedy, featuring a host of eccentric characters, original live music and stunning design. A frozen body found in a woodshed wreaks havoc in the local community, forcing them to confront questions of science, faith and immortality.  The Not So Fatal Death of Grandpa Fredo features at the macrobet on the 18th September.

For the kids, White, has being doing incredibly well. It has just won a Herald Angel award at the Fringe. Herald Angels are awarded to the best of the festival’s performers, venues and backstage crew who have managed to impress The Herald’s distinguished panel of arts critics. The show has also been receiving 5 star reviews, especially from the festival magazine who said; ‘The play’s call to celebration of life in all its rich, multi-coloured glory is both unforced and deeply moving’. High praise indeed for a children’s show about two men who spend their day performing simple tasks in their perfectly white & clean world. White runs from 8th-24th December at the macrobert and is for 0-4 years and their families.

However, if you prefer a bit of comedy then look no further than regular Fringe performer, Danny Bhoy, who comes to the macrobert on the 28th September with his unique brand of laid back humour and story telling. He has been receiving 3 star reviews for his show; By Royal Disappointment. Chortle commented on their favourite moment of the show; ‘we love him most when he reveals his weaknesses, relatively small though they be. His humble recounting of foot-in-mouth moments when he met comedy royalty (Matt Damon) or the real deal (The Queen) are made funnier by his milking the embarrassment of what might be considered relatively minor faux pas’. Bhoy’s humour is observational and it often involves his own experiences as an international comedian.

Come along & check out one of these amazing shows when they come to the macrobert before it’s too late. See what all the critics have been raving about! As before we know it will be a year on and these performers will be performing a brand new show for the Fringe.

For more information or to book call our lovely box office staff on 01786 466666.

To infinity & beyond…for the last ever time!

There is always one worrier of the group when travelling...

Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are back. As their owner Andy prepares to depart for college, his loyal toys find themselves in tossed out to the garbage. Seeing a better way out they hitch a ride to day-care as all they want is to be played with. However, Sunnyside day-care centre may look a lovely place on the outside; on the inside untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do not play nice. So it’s all for one and one for all as they meet a host of new toys where some aren’t quite as friendly as they make out to be. Desperate to get home to Andy & out of day-care before they are broken, they hatch a cunning plan to break out of Sunnyside. But they are going to need a lot of help and it’s a long way home when you’re a small toy in a big world.

Check out some of these great comments about the film.

‘What gives it its emotional heft is the sense of expiry and mortality that hangs over it almost from the outset’. – The

‘The 3D animation is glorious, and the plot turns are relentlessly witty’ – Seven Magazine

‘Brimming with wonderful satire and lump-in-the-throat nostalgia, the final Toy Story film provides a fitting end to a classic trilogy’ – The Guardian.

It’s the minor characters that make the film, their simple expressions and mannerisms. The film was a delight to watch and made me yearn to play with my childhood toys and also very emotional as I’m sure my father has chucked them all out’ – Macrobert blogger

Toy Story 3 is playing at the macrobert filmhouse until Thursday 12th August, time vary. Call our box office on 01786 466666 for more information.

I Love You Philip Morris

Carey was digusted the food in prison didn't live up to the macrobert cafe bar...

Many critics who watch I Love You Philip Morris argue that this is Jim Carey’s finest performance since ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. While there are many who debate the film’s believability of his screwball relationship with Ewan McGregor. However, what we can guarantee is that you will be enamoured by this flamboyant portrayal of a real life con man repressed by family life.

Steven Russel (Carey) suddenly recognises his homosexuality and embarks on a new life. When this life proves too costly, he then winds up in prison; meeting and falling in love with cellmate, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). When Morris is released from prison, his new love embarks on a series of mad escape attempts to ensure they are reunited.

Carey never manages to quite escape from his usual tricks of over gesticulating in films. Nevertheless even as a con, he is the anti hero of the story, while McGregor compliments this funny and anarchic love affair. Even though more time and depth could have been spent on the characters, seeing as it ‘really happened’, the film is witty and a delight to watch.

I Love You Philip Morris is at the macrobert Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd July. For more information phone our box office on 01786 466666.

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