Begone Dull Care

It’s official, we are obsessed with Norman Mclaren and proud of it! This film was created by scratching directly onto the film strip, so that when played through a projector, it would look like animation.

We are screening this short film before Invictus on the 3rd of March to coincide with the show Norman, which is at macrobert from 3rd-5th of March. This is a show that fuses dance with projected animations in what I am describing as visual sorcery! (This is not an official term but I think it sounds magical).
If you like this animation leave us a comment! It would be great to know what you think!


Want your short film shown on the big screen?

Macrobert Arts Centre is looking for short film submissions from local film makers.

The selected shorts will be screened before scheduled feature films and will be seen by a potentially large audience.

This will provide an invaluable opportunity for local talent to showcase their work, offering a great experience for any ambitious film maker.

Macrobert are looking for short films of no longer than 10 minutes in length. The films must have the correct permissions for any music and images used, and will need to be appropriate for public screening.

Please ensure that films reach the macrobert by Wednesday 3rd Feb.

If you want to know more about the opportunity email Jude Moir on, otherwise post your films on DVD to macrobert at:

Macrobert Arts Centre
Stirling University

How Cold My Toes 27th-30th Jan

How Cold My Toes is at macrobert from Wed 27th-Sat30th. Book your tickets now on 01786 466 666 £6 full/£5 children.

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