The secret of fairy life is given away

A new Disney animation taking place years before Tinker Bell meets Wendy and the Lost Boys. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue takes place in the English countryside amidst cottages with thatched roofs and stone bridges, where Tinker Bell meets her very first human, a little girl named Lizzie.

The Flower Fairies are visiting England for fairy camp one summer when Tinker Bell ignores warnings to stay away from the human house and decides to investigate the new family and the carriage that moves without a horse (the car). Tinker Bell discovers a fairy house that Lizzy built and decides to investigate. Lizzie catches her and the Flower Fairies decide to build a boat to stage a daring rescue to free Tinker Bell. Lizzie desperately wants a friend and she and Tinker Bell become good friends while she is waiting for the rain to stop so she can go home. In case you didn’t know, fairies cannot fly in rain. Their wings get wet.

Have a sneak peek of the movie here

This movie will answer the questions you wanted to know about fairies or remind yourself of your childhood when believing in fairies. In true Disney style, the music is fab, magical and haunting at times and the animation is life like! Come along and take yourself back to your childhood and start your kids imagination rolling…
Saturday 2 October & Sunday 3 October 1.30pm
For more information call 01786 466666 or check out our cinema listings.

Double Bill of magic…

Room 2 Manoeuvre come to macrobert with a double bill of absolute magic dance solos from Tony Mills.

Watch It! fuses breakdance, physical theatre, film and animation all into the first 45 minute dance odyssey. This digital ‘Alice in Wonderland’ centres around one man’s love / hate relationship with his TV, taking you on a ride to make you think about your own little box in the corner, a hit at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe and was described as ‘essential viewing, seemless and slick’ from The Skinny.

Promo video for Watch It!

This double bill then flips from the colourful sensation of Watch iT! to the sleek, semi autobiographical performance, Such a Bloke. Created by award winning choreographer Janis Claxton, the second part of the double bill offers an emotionally driven contrast of frustration and futility from personal insight. Influenced by a personal viewpoint on the pros and cons of being a bloke involved in the dance industry, a fantastic mix of Claxton’s fluid style and the robustness of Mill’s hip hop background.

Promo video for Such A Bloke

The List managed to get a hold of Tony Mills and asked him 5 Questions, read it here to see the thinking behind this rather interesting double bill.

Saturday 2 October 8pm
Tickets £12 / £9 conc / £6 students
To book your tickets call our Tickets and Info team on 01786 466666, pop in to see us or book online here.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Norman – Last Night

Well we are nearing the end of the Norman run, but there is still time for you to get your tickets for Norman.  Please watch this great little film, it is a blend of silent comedy styles with Normans signature ‘pixelation techniques’. It really made me laugh and the man speaking is no other than Norman Mclaren himself!

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