Begone Dull Care

It’s official, we are obsessed with Norman Mclaren and proud of it! This film was created by scratching directly onto the film strip, so that when played through a projector, it would look like animation.

We are screening this short film before Invictus on the 3rd of March to coincide with the show Norman, which is at macrobert from 3rd-5th of March. This is a show that fuses dance with projected animations in what I am describing as visual sorcery! (This is not an official term but I think it sounds magical).
If you like this animation leave us a comment! It would be great to know what you think!


News from the lovely Finance Team

The small but perfectly formed Finance Team have been busy preparing the management accounts for the month of September, which is our half year.

In addition we recently submitted an application to the UK Border Agency to allow us to sponsor artists from overseas to perform at the macrobert which is vital if we are to continue bringing great overseas artists such as 4D with NORMAN in the Spring. Apparently the approval process can take up to 6 months and involves numerous visits from the police and Borders Agency. Who knows what dark secrets we will find as we delve into the team’s murky past?  Which one of them has hidden talents as a performer – wowing local care homes and frightening local schools with her rendition of Big Spender? Which one of them can’t stop buying shoes? Which one of the is addicted to Diet Irn-Bru?  Watch this space…..

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