Another interesting event for cyclists

Markus IrideiRIDE will be back at macrobert’s filmhouse on Wednesday 1 June at 7.30pm, and this time we are putting our focus on skinny tires. You might remember me from the first iRIDE event, talking about the experience to cycle in the middle of winter from Scotland‘s capital Edinburgh to my parent’s home in Germany, all in time for Christmas in 14 days. I did a talk on the adventure for the first iRIDE event, and it’s a pleasure to be back this again. I was inspired by the people who came to the first talk and traveled to Germany to talk about my experience in several places as well, including Ilmenau, the place where I studied for more than 6 years, where I had a full house. I loved the talks and the people who were fascinated by the story, so I came up with another idea: to take my road bike and repeat the journey back to Germany, but this time in a much shorter time frame and without anything that would slow me down. And on another route, as cycling the same roads twice is boring, even in different seasons. Indeed the idea for this trip was born right after the winter trip already, but unfortunately I decided to crash my bike on the West Highland Way not so long ago, which resulted in a very sore knee and a couple of weeks off the saddle. But with a family get-together planned for the end of May already, I had no other chance than to get fit and cycle down south again. It is a funny coincidence, but what I got myself into felt like the ‘Hell on Wheels’ sometimes, with torrential rain on day 3 cycling to Hamburg, and 2 broken tires and 4 punctured tubes as the result of cycling though one of Germany’s biggest cities. There have been good and bad times, but I ended up with almost 1000 miles in the end, and most of all, I had a great experience. Doing all that to raise funds for two charities that help African people to get on their bikes is a nice thing to do, and you are more than welcome to watch ‘Hell on Wheels’ tomorrow and come to the talk afterwards. I decided to do a free talk, but I would appreciate donations for the charities, you can find out more here. For all info on iRIDE and to subscribe to our mailing list for the events please go to, tickets for the film are only £6, a bargain for one of the best documentaries about the Tour de France. And have a look at my blog and my pictures in the mean time, I am hoping to see you at macrobert tomorrow.




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crazy for two wheels with an appetite for adventures. marketing swimming in a professional capacity, loving good pictures, music and food. and did I mention Sauvingnon Blanc? Yes, I did now!

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