Interview with ‘Otto’ from Spring Awakening…

What is your Equity name?

Daniel Buckley

Which character do you play?


 What interested you in being involved in Spring Awakening?

I saw the show a few times at the Lyric, and in the Novello and fell in love with it, then I had the opportunity to do the show whilst in training at Mountview, and fell in love with it even more. I knew sell a door were putting on a production so decided to send off my cv and headshot, auditioned and was offered the role before I left Drama School, so I was very lucky.

 How do you feel you relate to your character?

I will probably find a lot of things in the rehearsal room that I relate to in Otto but initially, I guess I can remember going through the stages of Puberty where I questioned a lot of things, which can be frustrating.

 What are you most excited about for the tour?

Honestly, just getting some experience, because it is my first professional job. I am looking forward to seeing lots of different venues and putting my training into practice with regards to adjusting to each space. Of course, I look forward to going to home turf in Scotland, it will be nice to perform in my first professional show somewhere close to home.

 Spring Awakening is based on the relatively old play version. How do you think new, younger audiences can relate to it?

I think it has stayed very true to the original with regards to the script and I think part of its beauty as a piece is how Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater have put these amazing contemporary pop/rock songs to a show set in 1891 Germany! People will definitely relate to it because it’s all about sexual exploration and deals with issues that are very public in today’s society. I think audiences who have not seen the show will be surprised at how relevant it is and how issues that may be easy to deal with now, were just kept from children back in the 19th Century and audiences will therefore, feel more compassion for all the characters in the piece.

Your touring to many cities’s in the UK that have never seen Spring Awakening the musical. Are you nervous?

Not at all! I cannot wait to get promoting this amazing piece of theatre around the UK. I think with any piece of theatre, it is likely to have fans and people who are not so keen but to anyone who has heard of this show and who has not seen it, I would recommend just come to one of the venues and see it – they probably won’t be disappointed. It has a lot of fans around the country who either saw it in London or love the sound track so I guess I am nervous for them to see the production, they are going to be the biggest critics because we are not the Original London Cast and it will look different and has a different creative team. So although the motions of the show will be the same, it will be a completely different show.

Are your friends and family excited to see the production?

Yes, its very exciting for them to see me in a professional show, without having to travel to somewhere in London. It is just easier for them. But they’d be excited to see it anywhere. I am so so thankful to have such a wonderful supportive family and friends.

Where did you grow up?

In a little town called Blairgowrie in Perthshire – North East Scotland.

Are you known by your stage name, or other?

I am known to friends and family as Dan.

Which schools did you attend in the area?

St Columba’s RC High School – Perth

What local amateur or professional performance companies did you work with? Tell us a bit about your experience?

I was involved in the Blairgowrie Players for a number of years doing Panto’s, working from chorus parts and then was offered a lot of Principle Roles, which were always great fun. I took part in 2 SCDA Festivals in the Birnam Institute. I was also a member of Zodiac Amateur Productions (ZAP) who performed shows in Dundee’s Whitehall Theatre, which were as close to professional as I got in my youth.

How did you get involved in the performing arts?

I can’t really remember, I remember playing a Market Stall holder at primary school in a production or in a class – and then from that moment I knew I wanted to be an actor! I think someone I knew performed in the Blairgowrie Players and got me involved.

Did you perform locally in any town halls or in any competitions or concerts?

The Blairgowrie Town Hall was the main haunt for my amateur days! I did the SCDA Festivals in Birnam. I never took part in any competitions and the only concerts I did were in High School, the annual Christmas Concerts!

Are you touring anywhere close to where you come from originally?

Edinburgh is close to home and Stirling is even closer so I cannot wait to be performing close to home!!

Have any of your family or friends gone out of their way to support you in your career endeavours to date?

Well my parents have gone out of their way financially to help me through Drama School – which I will never forget and cannot wait to be in a position to pay them back one day. They came down to London a few times in my final year to see me in each of my third year shows which was always nice.

Any advice for local aspiring performers who may be thinking of pursuing a career in the performing arts?

Go with your heart – I was told at school I was to stay for my final year and earn “real qualifications” because becoming an actor was not a “real career choice” but, as they didn’t have any acting classes there, I left to earn a qualification in Acting from Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy, and moved to London because I KNEW I wanted to pursue this career. I went to Drama School and I have ended up with a Degree. If you want to do it – audition for Drama School and learn from the best people in the most supportive atmosphere.  Be prepared for rejection, be prepared for the most turbulent career choice of all time. Well, so I hear. I’m only just out of the Training Bubble, and have stepped into another! It is true though. It is a very roller coaster industry!

Spring Awakening

macrobert is proud to welcome award-winning Sell a Door Theatre Company with the first ever UK tour of Spring Awakening, a rock musical adaptation of the controversial 1891 German play of the same title by Frank Wedekind. A cult musical, it explores the confusion and desperation that ensue when the onrushing tide of hormones meets the ignorance of children raised by parents too embarrassed or prudish to discuss what those new urges signify. Spring Awakening has proved its popularity worldwide winning eight Tony Awards in 2007, including best musical, best book and score, four Drama Desk Awards and four Olivier Awards for it’s London production.

Dates, times & info:

Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 May 8.00pm
approximately 2 hours 15 minutes (incl. interval)
suitable for ages 16+

More info and online booking here.

Hope to see you there 🙂


About macrobert
macrobert arts centre offers an exciting programme of events that welcomes everyone. Choose from a fantastic programme of live events including theatre, dance and music. There is also a full cinema programme with films showing to suit all ages and tastes. There are lots of fun activities for children and young people: creative factories, supervised arts and craft sessions in treehouse, tailor made birthday parties, and youth theatre and dance groups. TICKETS AND INFORMATION LINE 01786 466666 You can also follow macrobert on Facebook , Twitter and Bebo. For special offers and to get all the macrobert news first, sign up for our weekly e-bulletin via

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