A Happy New 2011 – and a short retrospective to 2010

A Happy New 2011

A Happy New 2011 from all at macrobert

We wish you all the very best from the nice offices at macrobert! With the Ochills covered with a wee bit of the white powder again as I write. And as we speak about white, snow and all those things, just a quick reminder that our pantomime Snow White of the Seven De’ Wharffs is still on for the first time in January to give you a very last-minute chance to enjoy the Queen of all pantos, Johnny McKnight, and a fabulous cast of emerging and existing talent taking to the stage. As a last minute gift we give you a free programme if you book two full price tickets and quote NEWSLETTER, possibly a much better gift than the socks you had for Xmas and sales are on everywhere.

A cracking show to end 2010, and start 2011

Snow white all cast

Snow White of the Seven De'Wharffs

This years panto has been a real cracker with critics and audiences raving. ‘Definitely destined to be one of the season’s favourite things’ wrote The Herald and gave it five stars, ‘‘young, anarchic, and bursting with creative power’ titled The Scotsman and upped another four stars to the count and The Stage thought ‘it will be hard to find a more perfectly constructed and delivered pantomime offering.’ No stars here, just praise. And finally Stirling’s very own Observer predicted ‘a riot of colour, thumping good music, endless silliness and seasonal cheer.’ Life could be much worse, but only if you have seen our panto. If you haven’t then get in quick for the very last tickets before it all has to end again on Wednesday 5 Jan and VAT goes up (not on our theatre tickets though).

And as we are not just about critics but actually really care what our beloved audience thinks, here are just some of the great feedback we had: ‘What a perfect way to spend Xmas Eve again – With friends and family we laughed and cried throughout the panto – a hilarious script, outrageous outfits & some great improvisations!!!!!!!! 10/10 as per usual and we got a lovely shout out – counting the days till next Xmas Eve 🙂 xx’ Or try this: ‘Just want to say thanks for the wonderful Snow White Panto. It was brilliant!’, and finally this comment from Facebook: ‘Tonight’s Panto was fabulous well done to Johnny and his team you get better every year ! Can’t wait to see what next year brings x’

Yes, it is still on at 2.00 and 7.30pm, and to book your last-minute tickets for the panto just go to our website or call 01786 466666, ticket prices range from £10 for concessions to £12 for a full price ticket, a bargain. And for another £3 you can buy a nice souvenir programme, have a look here what it looks like.

We welcome 2011 with some nice movies and an even better Cinema brochure

macrobert cinema_jan brochureIt’s not just the live bit that makes macrobert worthwhile a trip, we also have a brilliant mixture of movies for the whole family, some art house offerings and blockbusters, all combined in our exciting cinema guide. With Ratatouille we have a classic on tomorrow and Wednesday at 1.30pm, and London Boulevard is a brilliant thriller for the older ones, starring Colin Farell, Keira Knightley and Ray Winstone. And there are still a few seats left for Chasing Legends, a documentary about the King of all cycling races, the Tour de France, on Friday 7 Jan, returning again on February 10. Not to mention a very special event, a screening of The Nutcracker on Friday 7 Jan, a performance from the Royal Opera House on the big screen. To browse our cinema guide please click here


About macrobert
macrobert arts centre offers an exciting programme of events that welcomes everyone. Choose from a fantastic programme of live events including theatre, dance and music. There is also a full cinema programme with films showing to suit all ages and tastes. There are lots of fun activities for children and young people: creative factories, supervised arts and craft sessions in treehouse, tailor made birthday parties, and youth theatre and dance groups. TICKETS AND INFORMATION LINE 01786 466666 You can also follow macrobert on Facebook , Twitter and Bebo. For special offers and to get all the macrobert news first, sign up for our weekly e-bulletin via www.macrobert.org.

2 Responses to A Happy New 2011 – and a short retrospective to 2010

  1. james porter says:

    We are surprised and in fact shocked that there is not one classical music concert in the entire MacRobert year. 2010-11. Why is this?
    There used to be at least one orchestral or chamber concert that we enjoyed but the presert programme, despite the claim by Liam Sinclair in his ‘Fearless and Unique ‘preface to the brochurethat ‘there is something for everybody’. Well, we are ‘everybody’ too. What do all these Chinese and European students think about Stirling University as a ‘cultural centre’ when there is no representation of a valuable cultural resource (only, minimally, in some of the dance programmes)’?. Scottish and foreign composers of classical music need to be heard too. You could offer not just the usual mix of comedy, pop and jazz shows that are mostly transitory in their effect, whereas Mozart’s music, for example, has survived in popularity for over 200 years. Young people too need exposure to this kind of music. If children are only exposed to pop music their lives will not be enriched. So, why wait? Why assume that ‘everybody’ has the same taste? Scottish Opera, for example, has a fine travelling show with a minimal number of performers and their programmes are given Scotland-wide to critical acclaim.
    This is serious because your programme gives visitors to Stirling the idea that people here really don’t care
    about anything but pop culture. I would be interested in your reply.

    This is a serious complaint, and we hope it will not be ignored.

    • macrobert says:

      Hi James,

      macrobert prides itself on programming an exciting mix of work for diverse audiences. Last season had a sell-out performance of Carmen by Scottish Opera and we are continuing our dialogue with them and other national companies to bring similar work to macrobert. It’s interesting that you mention the Chinese student population as we deliberately chose to celebrate their cultural heritage this season with an evening of performance that included classical and contemporary Chinese music with a distinct Wetern classical influence, presented by two award winning musicians and composers – Kim Ho Ip and Filip Davidse. I am not sure I recognise your description of transitory in relation to our programme, not least in relation to this season’s Jazz in the form of SNJO with Kurt Elling. Our programme most certainly does not give the impression that we don’t care about anything apart from pop culture. macrobert is consistently recognised as delivering a venue and programme that does care and presents the very best of contemporary and classical culture through a varied programme….. but like all varied programmes not everything will be to the taste of everybody.

      Many thanks for your comments.

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