Once upon a time….

Once upon a time,  Scotland came to a stand still because of the white fluffy stuff we call snow. This caused many a problem and people struggled to get to and from work, Ewan macrobert’s drama artist fell victim to this. Only he didn’t sit around and feel sorry for himself, he put on his creative head and wrote a song for all of us who could make it work to cheer us up. Along to the tune of Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, it goes like this….

Snowytale of macrobert

Stirling’s caked in snow,
So is Glasgow,
Dundee, Edinburgh and Fife…
And at the macbobby
Where Wallace once cried free,
The Airthrey Snowmen rise to stop us working.
They bust the ruddy pipes
Turned roads to sheets of ice
And freed kids from school
Left the teachers to freeze.
Now Panto’s cancelled
And the dame is greeting
As Snowmen wear her costumes
And the office resembles an igloo

But the staff at macbobby
They don’t give up easy
They’ve kicked up the thermo
It’s no place for the cold.
Tech’s fight the Snowmunsters with their bare-fisted knuckles They’ve promised that Panto will continue to show.
And the handsome and the pretty
Dame of Stirling city, when the Panto has finished They yelled out for more.
The young cast were swinging, the actors were singing Tech’s drink in a corner Then danced through the night

And the guys from the MYDC dance ‘til the Snowmen sweat and melt macbobby will never close, That’s them telt.

They’re cold and they’re icy
Sly, dodgy and dicey
Lying there waiting for feet to slip-slide Deranged and mutated Killers and monsters Happy Christmas your white arses, we pray it’s your last

And the guys from the MYDC dance ‘til the Snowmen sweat and melt macbobby will never close, That’s them telt.

Now all there’s left to say,
If snowmen come to stay
With you in your wee town
Is call macbobby.
Staff will fight the cause
Young ‘uns will heat their paws
Can’t make it out alone
We’ve built our shows around you.

And the guys from the MYDC dance ‘til the Snowmen sweat and melt macbobby will never close, that’s them telt.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas one and all! 🙂


About macrobert
macrobert arts centre offers an exciting programme of events that welcomes everyone. Choose from a fantastic programme of live events including theatre, dance and music. There is also a full cinema programme with films showing to suit all ages and tastes. There are lots of fun activities for children and young people: creative factories, supervised arts and craft sessions in treehouse, tailor made birthday parties, and youth theatre and dance groups. TICKETS AND INFORMATION LINE 01786 466666 You can also follow macrobert on Facebook , Twitter and Bebo. For special offers and to get all the macrobert news first, sign up for our weekly e-bulletin via www.macrobert.org.

2 Responses to Once upon a time….

  1. blackadder says:

    Ok who stole the big MCSquid
    Was it a prank from the McXmas Party, Lets see if anyone notices.
    Or was it Herr McDirector; I canna stand it! It’s eyes follow me everywhere, accusing – lack of artistic endevour.
    Has it been consigned to the depths of McLoch together with the wee fisherman who delighted kiddies ‘oh no what will happen to him’.
    Or is it in some dark storeroom.
    Iconic, beautiful, creative, as much a part of the McBob as well, just about anything.
    It was always a delight to visit and see again an old friend suspended in place and time, will the wee man fall even further. Delight in pointing out to children, look up there, yes we are in a magical place where reality is suspended literally, what other delights shall we see today.
    No more, hey! it’s only Xmas just stick up the old decorations. We need to make PANTO MONEY! the kids won’t notice. Well they did.
    And it’s exposed a modern boring void, a chasm, just walls and pipe. A turbine hall in miniture.
    Ok so there is the Xmas tree.
    Aye Jimmy, off ye go to the McWoods and bring back a wee sappling. Not too pretty mind. And here’s some lights I found from the last century just stick it all up next to the gents. Sorry I’m too busy frying calamari.
    Pretty, I don’t think so Artistic, ho ho ho.
    So better bring the McSquid back pronto.
    And better leave the corridor to nowhere alone aye that’s that bit round the back with the wolf on the roof.
    I think it used to lead somewhere.
    BA Humbug.

    • Dear BA Humbug / Blackadder,

      We do apologies that the disappearance of MCSquid has caused you sadness and made us smile that ‘your old friend’ delighted you and the children.
      macrobert is still a magical place where anything is possible, such as the mermaids and wolf suspended in the corridor suggest but it was time for change.
      We decided that MCSquid has had his time and yes, tell the children he has been sent home and now lives in the McLoch along side the fishes and swans.
      Now macrobert connects with the University and when you look down through the windows you can now see the venue without a giant squid squinting the view.

      Please note your comment is written beautifully and we appreciate all feedback, would you be at all interested in joining a creative writing club if we were to open one? 🙂

      Get your Santa hat on and enjoy the festivities,


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