The secret of fairy life is given away

A new Disney animation taking place years before Tinker Bell meets Wendy and the Lost Boys. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue takes place in the English countryside amidst cottages with thatched roofs and stone bridges, where Tinker Bell meets her very first human, a little girl named Lizzie.

The Flower Fairies are visiting England for fairy camp one summer when Tinker Bell ignores warnings to stay away from the human house and decides to investigate the new family and the carriage that moves without a horse (the car). Tinker Bell discovers a fairy house that Lizzy built and decides to investigate. Lizzie catches her and the Flower Fairies decide to build a boat to stage a daring rescue to free Tinker Bell. Lizzie desperately wants a friend and she and Tinker Bell become good friends while she is waiting for the rain to stop so she can go home. In case you didn’t know, fairies cannot fly in rain. Their wings get wet.

Have a sneak peek of the movie here

This movie will answer the questions you wanted to know about fairies or remind yourself of your childhood when believing in fairies. In true Disney style, the music is fab, magical and haunting at times and the animation is life like! Come along and take yourself back to your childhood and start your kids imagination rolling…
Saturday 2 October & Sunday 3 October 1.30pm
For more information call 01786 466666 or check out our cinema listings.

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