Chat with Pearl and the Puppets

Chat with Pearl and the Puppets

Pearl and the Puppets

3 days til m-fest!!!

Amazing line-up for Albert Halls gig on Saturday 31st July…

Pearl and the Puppets are performing along side Tinchy Stryder and Daisy Dares You at the Albert Halls on Saturday 31st July. mFEST caught up with Pearl and asked if she is looking playing alongside the grim-goes pop Tinchy Stryder and rising start Daisy Dares You.

Pearl: “Yes! Daisy Dares You seems lovely with great songs and I can’t get Tinchy’s music out of my head! Will be great to play along with both of them. They are very talented artists.”

mFEST: Trust you’re looking forward to mFEST,You were selected by the festival young programming team at mFEST – have you noticed a lot of U18s at your UK shows and why do you think the kids love your music so much?

Pearl: It’s strange…I wasn’t doing many under 18 shows because the venues wouldn’t have the license….but I recently did a few at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t believe the crowd that showed up! Glad they like it though. A lot of people contact me on the networking sites saying they can relate to the songs. It puts a smile on my face 🙂

Three years ago Pearl was studying to be a primary school teacher and working in Woolworths. Something had to give. Pearl bought a guitar and abandoned her degree at Glasgow University.

mFEST: You served your musical apprenticeship on the much respected Glasgow Music Circuit. What of any influence did the Glasgow scene have on the music you produce today?

‘I suppose Glasgow has a big influence as the songs are about situations I’ve been in or things I’ve experienced or witnessed. There are a few songs with Scottish words in them and I didn’t even realise.’

In three years Pearl has gone from shopgirl to supporting one of music’s biggest legends,

mFEST: So… we’re all dying to know…. Tell us about supporting Elton John? You share the same management company right? What did it feel like going on stage before such a legend?

Pearl: Yeah. He is sort of the boss of the company. Very much involved with the artists which is really cool!

Woolworths Pick’n’Mix counter’s loss was definitely our gain!

Tinchy Stryder, Pearl and The Puppets and Daisy Dares You
Sat 31 July 8pm Albert Halls
Tickets: £20 /£17.50 conc. / £15 U18s


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